Enroller is feature-rich and modern student application software. It is built using open-source stack (Nodejs, MongoDB). Following are out-of-the-box features that help you get started. If something is not listed, we can get it customized on your reqirements.

Customizable Forms

Forms designed as per your need. You can add/hide fields as your program change.

Responsive Design

Mobile friendly responsive design. Works on all devices lets students apply from anywhere.

Multilingual Interface

English and German languages are avaiable. Easy to add more languages.

Multiple Admins

Multiple admins can be added to manage different programs.

Email Notifications

Get notifications when new applications are submitted.

Document Management

Manage all documents uploaded by applicants.

Data Exports

You own your data. Export any data to Excel/CSV.

Shortlist Candidates

Shortlist or label applications for better classification.

Customizable Theme

Themes to match your current website & logo.

Notes & History

Take internal notes for reference, refer history for audit tracking.

Mass Emails

Send email notifications to all applicants. E.g. deadline getting close.

Online Payments

Integrated with online payment service - Stripe.

SSL / Security

Using SSL certificates for deployment. We recommend Let's Encrypt.

Slack / HipChat

Get notifications on Slack/Hipchat and stay informated without loggin in.


Integrate Enroller with your internal applications using webhooks and APIs.

Lets Get Started with Demo

Click the following link to open demo.
Applicant Demo: Create a new account to review the process as an applicant.
Admin Demo: Admin Dashboard helps managing applications. Login as 'demo@enroller.in' using password 'enroller'